iClassic Phone Dock Takes Your iPhone on a Trip to the 1940’s

How ironic life is, we all claim to be early adopters of the latest technology, yet we enjoy accessories and such that make our hi-tech gadgetry resemble something retro. Case in point is the iClassic phone docking station. We have seen similar designs like this before but mostly they have been creations done by artisans over at Etsy.

Harking back to those days of the rotary phone, the iClassic docks your iPhone into an old fashioned landline. Giving you the power to use the iClassic cradle as a real phone, but being powered by your iPhone. For those concerned that this device will clash with your hipster white iPhone, no worries! The iClassic comes in a choice of white or black at Spencer’s for only $ $49.99.

Now the challenge will be to find the perfect rotary app to compliment the iClassic!