iRobot Debuts the Roomba 600 Series of Robotic Vacuums

iRobot Roomba 650

So  you can’t afford the iRobot Roomba 700 series, but you really want something better than the iRobot 500 series of vacuums. Well that is exactly where the newly launched 600 series of Roomba robotic vacs come into play. Roomba has introduced the 600 series with new features and technology that puts it in league with the high-end 700 series of the Roomba. Designed to be an entry level Robotic vacuum with premium features, but without the premium look and price of the 700 series.

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The common thread amongst all the Roomba vacs is the iAdapt responsive cleaning technology and the 600 series is no different. The series consists of Roomba 600 models 620,630, and 650. These models include better airflow through bins, which allows dirt to be collected more evenly, and better made brushes eliminating the need to replace them more frequently.  Other features include onboard scheduling, so that Roomba cleans while you are away (only available on the 650 and 660 Roomba models), cliff sensors to avoid free-falling off of the stairs,  and finally, some new subtle yet sophisticated colors round out this new collection of robotic vacs.

Features and additional accessories will vary by model but for the same cost of some pricier canister vacuums or uprights – I would rather have a robot clean my house than me. Pricing for the iRobot Roomba 600 Series starts at $329.


  1. Phenomenal. I have combo of Berber carpet, tile & hardwood. I come home & the floors are spotless. This thing is the best invention & money spent since the washer & dryer for home technology, in my opinion. You won’t be disappointed.

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