What Do Michael Phelps and Headphones for Cats Have in Common?

What does Michael Phelps and a cat have in common this week? SOL Republic headphones apparently! Yes we know, we know… Mr. Phelps is just about the greatest Olympian in the world. But quite honestly, we have been more infatuated with his head gear lately, than we have been with his gold medals. After all, haven’t you been wondering what pair of headphones he has been wearing in between competing? Well it looks like SOL Republic got their clutches on one of the most photographed athletics in the world, talk about a coup! Every time the camera has paned to Phelps while he is outside of the pool, he has been sporting a pair of SOL Republic headphones.

And more recently, before entering the pool for one of his last breast stroke competitions, Phelps was sporting what looked like a new pair of SOL’s – and what might possibly be a spoiler for an upcoming SOL Republic collaboration with Deadmau5.

Which brings us to Professor Meowingtons; Deadmau5’s cat. Apparently the pHd cat has collaborated with SOL Republic to come out with a pair of headphones made exclusively for cats. The clincher here is that the headphones will set some cat owner back about $999. The upswing is that the proceeds will all go to the ASPCA. Oh, and supposedly these headphones will block out the pesky sounds of dogs barking, and annoying humans too. The first headphones for cats are currently being sold in very limited quantity in three stores in the U.S.. One in Los Angeles, and  two other stores in New York City.

If this viral campaign is a taste of what a Deadmau5 and Sol Republic collaboration is going to be, we can just imagine what else is in store for us headphones junkies. However, there is no word if Professor Meowingtons is pissed at SOL Republic for resizing his headphones to fit Phelps’ rather large human head.

Oh, and check out the video below of the first cat headphones ever – in case you don’t believe us…

[alert type=”yellow”]Update 8/28/12: Check out our SOL Republic deadmau5 Headphones Review[/alert]


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