New Amber Alert GPS is Good News for Parents, Not for Teens

Amber Alert GPS has released a new child tracker, and this one comes along with a handy smartphone application that makes it very easy for mom and dad to check up on the whereabouts of their kids at all times. It’s as if millions of teenage voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Amber Alert GPS is a small, square device that can be placed (or slipped covertly, depending on your parenting style) into backpacks or lunchboxes. Once in place, the device uses AT&T’s network to transmit GPS information every five minutes to a parent’s smartphone via the Amber Alert GPS Parent app. That app will allow parents to track multiple devices at once.

The device allows for two-way calling between parent and child in case of emergencies. Safe zones return, which allow parents to create zones on the map where they expect their child to be. Parents will receive alerts via text or email should their child leave any of these zones. Additionally, parents will receive alerts if their child comes within 500 feet of the home of a registered sex offender.

New to this iteration of the Amber Alert GPS is a speed tracker that can detect how fast your child is traveling – something that might very well cut down on the number of teenagers speeding recklessly in 25 mph zones.

The Android Amber Alert GPS Parent app is available now, with the iOS version coming in the next few weeks. The Amber Alert GPS device costs about $220, which includes the activation fee.