Nokia Lumia 900 Gets Its Own Matching Pink Nail Polish

Recently we spoke to Nokia’s Nikki Barton, Vice President of Smart Devices UX Design at Nokia, about what the company is doing to cater to a female customer base. Offering phones in bold color choices along with matching accessories has been one such method that they have been using to attract women. Well it looks like Nokia has taken things one step further with the launch of Nokia Lumia pink nail polish. This hot pink Nokia Lumia polish is designed to match the pink version of the Lumia 900 which was recently introduced in the U.S., via AT&T.

The nail polish comes from brand Duality Cosmetics and will be available in a limited capacity in one-day-only salons in malls in Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles. Some lucky customers in those cities will be able to head over there to get free manicures that feature special nail art designs that have been designed by Kandi Banks. For those of you not “in the know”. Kandi Banks is Nicki Minaj’s personal nail stylist.

Anyway, this is certainly a first for a handset to officially endorse matching nail polish! Now as long as they don’t come out with matching lipstick for the popular cyan Lumia 900 model, we’re all for it.

Via Kiss&Makeup

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