Get Slap Happy with the Ritmo Mundo Reflex Watch

Long live the ’90s. No change in tastes, no amount of lawsuits over sharp metal-related wrist injuries, can keep a good fad down. The slap bracelet is back.

The Ritmo Mundo Reflex Watch is a slap bracelet, but without the safety hazards that made the original so near and dear to our hearts. Instead, these watches are made of silicone, and tell time using a new LED system that you’ll have to adjust to. The left column lights up as the hours progress, while the right column has numbers one through nine, with LEDs for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 above that, for the tens place of the minutes. It’s a great watch if you absolutely insist on being different, which is perfect, because that’s what the ’90s was all about.

The Ritmo Mundo Reflex Watch is available in 10 colors, and is selling for $150. The days of slap bracelets for a few bucks are, apparently, long gone.

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