iRobot Roomba 790 Wireless Command Center Review

What could be better than owning a robotic vacuum cleaner? How about controlling it like it’s your very own R/C car. The Wireless Command Center is a slick looking remote control accessory that is currently being bundled with the newest Roomba 790.

The Wireless Command Center is the icing on the cake for this robotic vacuuming powerhouse. And while it works flawlessly with the 790, it actually works with the Roomba 780 too. The Command Center’s design is top notch and accents the Roomba beautifully. This is a remote you want to hold in your hand.

There is no built-in Bluetooth connectivity in the iRobot Roomba 780 but the Command Center easily pairs with the robotic vacuum by placing it on top of the Roomba’s controls. Once placed on top of the Roomba, the user panel on both the Roomba and the Command Center will match each other. Then once that happens, you just have to hold down the left and right arrow buttons for a few seconds. Of course this requires some fancy finger work, but within 5 minutes or less, we were all paired up and ready to take control of the Roomba 780.

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With the Command Center you can schedule cleanings, get the Roomba out of sticky situations, if you are too lazy to actually walk over and pick it up, and you can also use it to easily steer it away from any devious obstacles that are in its way, like pets or cords.

Controlling the Roomba with the Wireless Command Center is super easy. Need to do a spot cleaning? No problem, just press spot clean on the Command Center and watch Roomba do what it does best. If you feel like “vacuuming,” let your fingers to the driving and move Roomba in the direction of the dirt and clean away. When all is said and done, press the dock button on the Command Center and it will send Roomba back to charge without breaking a sweat.


While the Command Center may seem like a luxury accessory to what some might consider an already luxury device, we say that it is the perfect compliment to a robotic vacuum that already makes your life easier. So why not make it even more so and little bit fun too.

The Wireless Command Center is not available for sale yet as a stand-alone accessory, but for those that opt to get the Roomba 790, you are in for a real treat.

The Good: Pairs flawlessly with the Roomba, is able to schedule and steer the Roomba without having to leave your chair.

The Bad: Takes four “AA” batteries instead of a rechargeable lithium battery. Isn’t available yet as a stand-alone accessory.