STRUT LaunchPort System is the Bentley of iPad Docking Stations

Comparing it to a Bentley seems apt – STRUT is known for its automotive jewelry accessories (think chrome grilles, chrome wheels, chrome everywhere). STRUT is now taking its luxurious show to the world of tech, with the introduction of their shiny new STRUT LaunchPort System for the iPad.

There is some substance to go along with your style – the docking pedestal and protective case work together to charge your iPad sans wires, thanks to proprietary technology from STRUT’s partner company, LaunchPort. Having said that, the style is where it’s really at with the STRUT LaunchPort System. Each pedestal is hand-crafted from stainless steel and triple-coated with chrome, for a little extra gleam. The case can come in one of four finishes – walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print, or sparkle pink. Pedestal and case connect via neodymium magnets that are usually found in some of the newer speaker systems that are hitting the market.

The pedestal and case will be sold as a package for $1,250. But, the pedestal and case can be purchased separately for the same price ($1,000 for the pedestal, $250 for the case), which allows for more mixing and matching to suit the discerning tastes of the user. The STRUT LaunchPort System isn’t available just yet – it will make its debut at the New York International Gift Fair taking place later this month before going on sale.

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