Andy Warhol Brillo Art Cases Are Ready to Scrub Down Your MacBook and iPad

There’s something oddly satisfying about Incase’s Andy Warhol line of cases and sleeves. Warhol’s vision of the commercial and mundane as artistic statement has become the very commercial and mundane thing he spent his life providing commentary on. So, we can say, on the doorstep of Brillo’s 100th anniversary, that the brand’s packaging has completed its long, strange journey. Brillo packaging has come full circle.

This time, that packaging won’t be housing household cleaners – it’ll be protecting your mobile devices (and keeping them clean, too – the cycles!). Incase is once again expanding its Warhol collection, following its recent release of Marilyn Monroe portrait backpacks. The Brillo Art Cases are exact recreations of Warhol’s exact recreations of Brillo Pad packaging boxes, and are available as iPad and iPhone cases, and as MacBook sleeves.

The MacBook sleeves come in 11”, 13”, and 15”, and the iPad case is designed specifically for the new iPad. The iPhone 4/4S case is a hard-shell, snap-on case similar to the style Incase is usually known for. The MacBook sleeve is selling for about $60, while the iPhone 4/4S case is selling for $40. The iPad Portfolio, as it’s called, is selling for about $100, probably because you can also use it as a stand. The entire Warhol Brillo Art line will be limited edition, so if you love irony, get on these quickly.

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  1. Love these although the IPad one is rather pricey! I am cheap I would try and put the Ipad in a Mac case 😛