Intel Intros Siri Competitor, Gesture Control and NFC Tricks for Ultrabooks

Today at the IDF 2012 Keynote in San Francisco, Intel showed off the future of their Ultrabooks and Ultrabook Convertibles (AKA Hybrid PCs), and that includes three big new features related to voice control, gesture control, and NFC.

On the voice control front, Intel has partnered with Nuance to offer voice control features in their next gen Ultrabooks. The service is being called Dragon Assistant. And yes this all sounds like an answer to Siri, but for the Ultrabook. With this new technology, users can say phrases like “share this link on Twitter”, and then instruct their Ultrabook to Tweet for them. They can also use voice commands to play music, make searches the web, as well as voicing an assortment of other natural commands. Expect to see this tech show up in Q4, when it ships with future Ultrabooks.

Intel is also introducing Gesture control for their Ultrabooks. they have teamed up with Creative to design a 3D camera that acts similarly to Kinect, it allows users to make natural gesture interactions. These gesture interactions are perfect fodder for a new way to interact with video games on your PC. The 720P camera will go on sale for $149. And Intel says that eventually this technology will be integrated into the bezel of Ultrabooks. The camera can also be used with augmented reality apps.

Intel has also teamed up with MasterCard to have their PayPass system take advantage of the built-in NFC in Ultrabooks. The goal is to offer users a simpler and safer online shopping experience using Intel identity technology. All a user has to do is swipe their credit card over the NFC chip inside their Ultrabook, and all of their credit card and billing info will be filled into their online shopping cart.

On stage Intel was also showing off a Clover Trail powered tablet running Windows 8 and Cyberlink PowerDirector. This touch based video editing app doesn’t just do standard video editing, but it’s able to do motion tracking on the fly. The app is a solid example of what the Cover Trail CPU is capable of, and has quite an impressive capability for a low powered tablet. As a matter of fact, the 4th generation Intel Core Processor uses half as much power as the 3rd ten core processor.  For Intel, this is all the shape of things to come.