Kanex Sydnee iPad/Tablet Dock and Charging Station Review

Have you been looking for the ideal device for mounting and charging your three iPads? Probably not. But if you were, the Kanex Sydnee would be the ideal product. It can store and charge just about any tablet or mobile device with and without cases. It has 4 built-in USB ports and a cord management system for storing and charging your devices in an attractive manner…without that mess of wires!

The Kanex Sydnee is a contemporary looking product. It’s made of a dense glossy plastic with rubberized trim. It comes in black or white, and our white model has a very fresh clean look to it. Though it can dock three iPads or tablets, it has four USB ports in the back, each powered by 2.1Amps of electricity. There is just one power cord coming out of the back of the Sydnee.

The Kanex Sydnee comes with three short iOS cables, 16 inches each. These cables help cut down on cord clutter. For cord management, the Sydnee has two features. There is a block on the back of the Sydnee for wrapping extra cord slack around. On the top of the device are cord slips so when you’re not using a cable you can have it elegantly hang rather than lay.

You’ll be able to charge most any USB device using the Sydnee USB ports. Since each port provides 2A of power, it will be a quick charge, faster than charging from a computer’s USB port. The Kanex uses a smart charge system to provide the right amount of power for all of your iOS devices. It also has a built-in short-circuit breaker so you don’t have to worry about power surges and spikes.

While the Kanex Sydnee is a neat device and helpful for dealing with cord clutter, it will probably prove itself to be a much better product for an iPad-heavy office or classroom. With a retail price of $149, it’s expensive for what it is, even for the $129.99 Amazon price tag. The design is really nice, and the four 2A USB ports are super convenient, but unless you commonly find yourself in a situation where two or more tablets need to be charged simultaneously, then you can probably find a more affordable solution. With that said, we have to admit, it’s nice having a micro-USB, mini-USB, and two iOS cables neatly and conveniently awaiting our charging requirements. Also, we have reviewed our share of iPad stands, and this is the first to accommodate a cased iPad too.

The Good: Modern Design, Comes with Three Short iOS Cables, Four 2A USB Ports, Cord Management, Charges Cased iPads/Tablets

The Bad: Expensive, Casing on iOS Cables are Shoddy

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