Marshall Hanwell Speaker is Ready to Blow the Roof Off of Your House

Marshall made a name for itself in the world of guitar amps – chances are, you’ve gone nearly deaf thanks to one of their booming amps at one concert or another. The company is looking to put that experience in the home, with Marshall’s first home speaker.

The Marshall Hanwell Speaker relies on dual long-throw woofers and hi-fi tweeters to deliver a full range of sound, and be extra loud while doing it. The full concert experience comes from more than just the audio, though – the speaker is housed in a wooden cabinet and covered with black vinyl, along with gold trim and the Marshall logo in gold. It gives the speaker a very classic rock concert look.

The Hanwell speaker is being produced as part of Marshall’s 50th anniversary celebration. To that end, each speaker will bear a numbered anniversary edition commemorative badge. That makes it sound like it’ll probably be a limited edition item, which makes it sound like the Hanwell won’t be cheap. Marshall hasn’t released specific pricing or availability details for the Marshall Hanwell Speaker yet.