Rolling Ave iCircle for New iPad 3 Review

Bought an Apple Smart Cover only to realize it offers little protection and is no substitute for a real case? The Rolling Ave i-Circle is perhaps the greatest rear shell to compliment Apple’s Smart Cover, while adding protection and amazingly simple and capable stand options.

The iCircle is one of those cases with a real wow-factor. While it’s technically more of a protective shell than it is a case, the iCircle is more than just the regular plastic shell it appears to be. There’s a ring in the center which highlights iPad’s sexy Apple logo, but it’s not just aesthetic. The circle in the center comes to life. This metal ring pops out and offers your iPad four different easy-to-use stand options.

In landscape mode, you can prop iPad at an upright angle or at a typing angle. Rotate the ring 45 degrees and you’re in portrait mode, which also offers an upright and typing angle stand. Portrait stands are basically unheard of for iPad cases and this is by far the simplest we’ve ever used. The Circle pops out of the shell by means of a well engineered design.

The iCircle shell comes in black or white. It has a matte finish, which looks and feels pretty nice. Unfortunately, it does show some greasy finger prints. The shell basically just snaps to the back of iPad. There’s a cutout for the camera, and cutouts along the edges for all ports and buttons. It just barely exceeds iPads front face, but the corners are all well covered. With Apple’s Smart Cover, iPad should be pretty well protected. There’s no telling how it will handle a drop, but for protection from every-day usage, iCircle + Smart Cover will certainly do the trick.


The Rolling Ave iCircle is an awesome case to have on the new iPad 3. It’s sleek and light, but to turn it into a real case, you’ll need Apple’s Smart Cover, which is an extra investment. We love the iCircle because it’s so quick, easy, and effective to stand iPad in any orientation you want. It’s a very sturdy stand too. Unfortunately, this ingenious design and amazing usability comes at a price. It retails for $69.99, though there is currently a $10 coupon on Amazon.com.

The Good: Slim, light, great stand – landscape and portrait, and works with Apple Smart Cover.

The Bad: Expensive and black model shows some grease.