iRobot’s Roomba Turns 10 and Celebrates By Purchasing Evolution Robotics

We’re a day late with the birthday wishes. Hopefully our future robot overlords can forgive us.

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the date the Roomba first went on sale. The Roomba helped spark excitement about approaching an age when housework would finally be handled by robots, while we would be free to handle the couch sitting full time.

iRobot, the creators of the Roomba, is celebrating in a couple ways. They’ve put together some amusing facts about the venerable vacuuming robot – like, for example, that all of the dust collected by all Roombas worldwide is estimated to amount to the same weight as 2.7 Empire State Buildings. In case you’re wondering, all Roombas worldwide now comes out to upwards of six million units. Estimates put total distance traveled by all Roombas put together at almost 30,000 football stadiums worth of square footage. In linear miles, all of those Roombas put together could have chugged away and bumped off asteroids on their way to the Sun 56 times.

iRobot also hasn’t neglected to remind us of the Roomba’s most important secondary purpose – preferred method of transportation for small animals and toddlers. It’s like being on a bumper car, but you don’t even need to leave the house!

The company is also doing serious business to ring in the 10th anniversary, by purchasing Evolution Robotics for about $74 million. Evolution Robotics makes the Mint and the Mint Plus, household robots that specialize in cleaning hardwood floors – something that is not in the Roomba’s area of expertise.

Just look at that. The robots are already forming alliances.