Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Blinged Out with 24kt Gold Plated Battery Cover

Do you never want to use your Galaxy S3 in public? Yes? Great! We’ve got just the thing for you.

Mobile 300×250:

Desktop 300×250:

Desktop 728×90:

The newest shiny bauble from Crystal Rocked is neither crystal nor case. It’s a 24 carat gold battery cover that will replace the S3’s regular cover. It won’t be offering any extra protection – not that you buy a Crystal Rocked anything to actually protect your phone – so I guess the idea is that the sleek form factor of the S3 will be preserved, with the benefit of adding a golden shine.

Sprucing up your S3 with this 24 carat gold plated battery cover will, unsurprisingly, be tantamount to paying for a Galaxy S3 twice over. You can get one for £249.00, or about $405.