SOL Republic Tracks Ultra Headphones Review

In a follow-up to the successful SOL Republic Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones, SOL has debuted the new Tracks Ultra. Tracks Ultra picks-up where Tracks HD left off, delivering crisp highs and a deeper low-end at an affordable price.

SOL is making a name for itself for being a headphone company that delivers quality sound without breaking the bank. While $179.99 for a pair of headphones is far from bargain bin prices, it is still below average for what the Tracks Ultra delivers in performance and quality. So what has changed in this upgrade? SOL has stuffed inside this pair of small headphones V12 Sound Engines that promise to deliver deeper bass, crisper highs and sharper vocals. The Tracks Ultra also comes with a neoprene carrying case this time around. While the the shape of the headphones hasn’t changed from its predecessors, the carrying case is a nice touch. But funny enough, it doesn’t look at all like a headphone case, instead more like a case for your tablet or e-reader.

The construction of the headphones are still on point with its promise of being nearly indestructible and if you want to jazz it up, SOL has teamed with ColorWare to give you your own unique looking pair of headphones. So if you aren’t a fan of iridescent blue, no worries! You can make it your snazzy colors with the embedded tool on their website.

So how do they sound?  Oddly enough, not much different from the Tracks HD. While there are few nuances between the two, the differences are actually quite subtle. You really only hear significant differences when you play songs on much higher bit rates. Slight differences can be noticed on the strong vocals and orchestrations. While bass is more prevalent on the Tracks Ultra, it isn’t so much so that it is beating into your chest. Sound leakage is minimal and the ear cups still hug your ears pretty tightly to give a nice good seal. While the Tracks HD is still a very good pair of headphones, the Tracks Ultra just turns the volume up on some of the weaknesses of its predecessor.


So is it worth investing in the extra $50 bucks for a tad better quality? Well if you already own the Tracks HD, it really isn’t worth upgrading. But if you haven’t owned a pair of SOL Republic headphones yet, than you might as well splurge and get the Tracks Ultra and get the full experience. Heck for $30-50 bucks extra you get a carrying case too. The SOL Republic Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones can be found for as low as $179.99 on Amazon and are available now.

The Good:  Solid design, crisper highs and a more impressive low end, still a very balanced and pretty affordable pair of headphones.

The Bad: The neoprene carrying case is a bit awkward, the headphones aren’t overwhelmingly that different from the Tracks HD.

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