Us+U Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 & 3 Review

Not too long ago we reviewed an Us+U case for iPad that came with a swiveling handle for propping up iPad. Now we’re reviewing the “Simple Swivel’s” big brother, the Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 and new iPad 3. The Swivel ProFolio has the same swiveling palm handle that we came to love; it also features a multi-angle stand, and a professional/durable body with all-around protection.

Unlike the Simple Swivel, Us+U’s ProFolio is a portfolio style case with a cover. There’s a lot going on with the ProFolio. The outside of the case is covered in a high quality ballistic nylon. It feels very durable and protective. The exterior has a pocket, a pen loop, and two elastic corner straps for sealing the cover. From the inside, iPad is slipped into a frame and sealed with a piece of velcro. It’s a secure fit inside the frame, but as with the Simple Swivel, the velcro side of the frame protrudes more so from iPad.

The ProFolio has more features than any ordinary portfolio case we’ve seen. It has a few different stand options, and of course, a rotating handle. To use the handle, located on the inside cover, you have to first seal the cover to the back of iPad with the corner straps. The handle is comfortable elastic and fits palms of all sizes. Next to the handle is a little fold out stand, sealed to the cover by magnets. The fold out stand sets iPad in an ideal low-angle typing mode. The other stand mode is “video mode”, which docks iPad in a more upright angle. iPad’s frame is half connected to the back cover by velcro, unvelcro the frame and fold it so it’s resting on the handle.

To be honest, we think the ProFolio is trying to do too much. It’s very usable, but the features aren’t quite perfect. We loved the Simple Folio because it did one thing, and did it well. The only thing it was missing was a cover. With the ProFolio, the swiveling feature isn’t very secure and iPad’s weight feels awkwardly balanced; the wrong move could have iPad dangling from your palm. Typing mode is secure and actually works well. The upright mode, on the other hand, could be sturdier. It requires the handle to be properly oriented and only works well at one angle. We like having a pen holder and a pocket. The elastic corner straps keep the folio case sealed shut, but its a little more involved then we’d like.

All-in-all the Us+U ProFolio case is very durable and protective. It looks nice and professional, and it can do a lot… Unfortunately the killer feature is its weakest. The Swivel handle is nowhere near as secure and comfortable as the Us+U Simple Swivel. Maybe swiveling handle cases weren’t meant to be on portfolio cases? At $30 it could be a great purchase, but with a retail price of $69.99 from UsPlusYou.com, it’s just too pricey.

The Good: Durable, Protective, Looks Nice, Pen Holder, Pocket, Multi-Stand, Swivel Handle
The Bad: Swivel Handle is Insecure, Elastic Corner Straps are Involved, Expensive, Heavy