3 Tools for Making Video Gaming on an Ultrabook Perform Better Than on a Desktop

During IDF last week we met with the folks over at LucidLogix, and got a chance to check out some of their latest graphics performance and video game technologies that are likely to show up in an Ultrabook some time soon.

Imagine playing a video game like Crysis where you have a crazy advantage, and that is that you would have a rear-view mirror while playing the game. LucidLogix has developed a technology that transforms an iPad, iPhone, and just about any smartphone or tablet into a rear-view mirror so that you can see what is happening behind you in the game. This would be a killer tool to have at a LAN party! The technology is code-named, RareView.

Speaking of games like Crysis, LucidLogix has developed new software that improves performance on an Ultrabook so much, that it can allow a single GPU in an Ultrabook to play a graphically intense game like Crysis, while also extending battery life. The software called, Dynamix, manages to do this by sacrificing just 2% in video quality, while almost doubling performance. Dynamic also works to extend battery life by minimizing battery draw.

Last but not least, the Israeli company has developed an external video card system that is powered by Thunderbolt so that you can make the Ultrabook add in card upgradeable.

According to LucidLogix, these new technologies are relatively easy to employ via virtual drivers and software, and they should be rolled out by OEM’s over the next couple of months.