iPad App of the Week: Wipeout Comes to the iPad

Everyone, prepare yourselves for the video game inspired by a weird game show that was inspired by weirder Japanese game shows. Wipeout is coming to the iPad.

Activision is producing a Wipeout app (the fact that it is Activision is significant for a reason we’ll get to later) that promises to feature many challenges and courses from the slapstick game show of the same name on ABC. Entire seasons of the show will be available for you to play through, too, which includes any and all themed episodes. A time trial mode will help you to be less bad at the game, so suggests Activision.

But, on to the money-grubbing Activision part – the game itself is affordable enough at $1.99, but a pretty big chunk of content available is locked up behind in-app purchases, which you are gratuitously encouraged to make. Oh, and by the way, most of those in-app purchases are more expensive than the game itself. Charming. If you can be satisfied with just what’s on the base app, you can give it a try, but that’s rarely the case with in-app purchase happy games like these.