Doodle All Over the Aerial7 TANK DIY Headphones

There is certainly no shortage of headphones available on the market today. That’s a lot of different brands, a lot of different styles, and a lot of different designs. But, sometimes, that statement my dad always makes comes into play – if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

You can do just that with the Aerial7 TANK DIY Headphones. These headphones are a blank canvas that you’re free to doodle away on. The headphones come with three markers to get you started, but you probably shouldn’t buy these headphones thinking that you can erase a mistake or an ill-advised design. The headphones aren’t designed to be erasable, so once you’ve committed to a design, you should be prepared to stick with it. In fact, Aerial7 recommends that you complete your design on paper first, before applying it onto the headphones with whichever medium you choose, plus a very steady hand. In some cases, Aerial7 recommends using sealant after applying your design to protect against fading or smearing.

The headphones themselves feature thick padding all the way around, on both ear cups and the headband. Those ear cups are swivel cups, designed so that DJs can wear them in a variety of ways. They also include a detachable coiled cable and an inline microphone and remote designed for use with mobile devices.

If you have a flair for the artistic, you can score a pair of Aerial7 TANK DIY Headphones for $120 off the Aerial7 shop.