Date a Geek: David Ponce of OhGizmo


Due to the controversial popularity of our How to Date a Geek Girl, and How to Date a Geek Guy guides, we have decided to introduce a new special column featuring real life single geeks. This week, we have interviewed our colleague and favorite Canadian hottie, David Ponce of OhGizmo

David Ponce of UberGizmo
David Ponce of OhGizmo

Tell us a bit about yourself (Age, hometown, what you do for a living):

I’m going to be 32 years old in a little over two weeks. That. Is. Scary. Only because I still think I’m 19, but my papers seem to say otherwise. I was born in Montreal and have been running OhGizmo full time since 2006, about a year after I started the site.

What makes you a geek?

I think some people may disagree with me, but I feel like the basic personality trait of a geek is to have an inquisitive mind. From there, you can develop any of the traits typically associated with being a geek. These can include having a passion for a given topic, one which is typically not mainstream, but not so far off the beaten path as to be considered odd. But it’s this inquisitiveness that’s going to drive us to delve deeper into any particular topic of interest than most people would. Personally, I’m into technology mostly because that was easiest to get into; it was always there in front of me, all around. But I’m also fascinated by science, by politics, by philosophy and pretty much anything that involves, well, thinking and learning.

There’s a more arrogant way to look at it: geeks are people who like to use their brain.

Android, iOS, or other?

iOS. But I’m not a fanboy. I like the ecosystem, the seamlessness of it. I’ve been a PC/Windows guy all my life and I like being able to tinker around the machine, and do things on my computer that would make non-tech-savvy people a little weak in the knees. Not saying I’m a hacker extraordinaire (or a hacker at all, for that matter), but even entering DOS commands can look super leet to someone who just doesn’t know. But what I’m getting to is that having learned to get around a complex operating system and being able to actually do things, I now like to just sit back and enjoy the ride. iOS is simple, it’s curated. I like that. I also use a Mac now.

Android, I don’t have much experience with but I’ve got a general reluctance to approach anything open source, if only because I don’t necessarily believe that “the masses are always right.” It’s not because you are able to code that you’re necessarily good at it. Open source tends to create a cluttered, fragmented user experience, and complicates my workflow. Some will say there’s granularity there, and while that’s true, I think it’s really clutter masquerading as granularity. Maybe it’s an elitist approach to software discovery, but I prefer to trust a few professionals to vet the software I have access to than to let everyone and anyone create anything.

The caveat here, of course, is that I don’t have much experience with Android. Have these problems been fixed?

Your favorite comic book hero and why?

Comic books… Yeah, wow, I wish I’d gotten into that stuff. That’s one geek stereotype I don’t fall into. I… just don’t really care about comics. But if I had to choose one? Iron Man’s pretty cool, but only because I’d like to be a billionaire playboy philanthropist myself. And I like Robert Downey Jr.

What gadget can’t you live without?

This one’s pretty cliché, but it’s my iPhone. My life is there. A lot of people will say this, I know, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

What is the last book or ebook that you read?

I’m reading Stephen King’s “Full dark. No Stars.” right now. It’s pretty good so far. Before that, it would have to be Richard Dawkin’s “The Greatest Show On Earth.” That… was just mind blowing.

If you could meet anyone (living or dead) for lunch who would it be and why?

I would love to chat with Jon Stewart. I just have so much respect for the guy. Funny, smart, knowledgeable… If there’s anyone I’d enjoy being like, it’s this guy.

What do you look for in a girl (or a guy). And does she need to be a geek too?

This is such a hard question to answer. Not because I don’t know what I like, but because I want so many things, and many of them are contradictory and can’t exist simultaneously in the same person. And I don’t want these things because I have an elevated sense of worth. I have just had enough life experience to discover and recognize the things I like; I didn’t make the conscious choice to like them, any more than I decided to prefer cookie dough ice cream over chocolate.

Assuming first of all that there is a physical attraction to begin with, I’d love to find a girl who is a sponge for knowledge and experience. I get a rush introducing someone to a great meal, a great song, an interesting fact, a good book, a movie. So… open mindedness and inquisitiveness is important, but it doesn’t have to have developed into full blown geekyness.

I also like a girl who has strong opinions but isn’t opinionated. Who is kind but not weak. Who laughs but isn’t an airhead. Who has ideals but isn’t idealistic. Who is independent, but enjoys being treated like a lady. Who looks after her appearance, but isn’t vain.

These are often polar opposites and, looking at them like that on a page all at once, look pretty scary. So I’ll just say that, quite simply, barring some dealbreaker personality flaw… I’m just looking for someone who enjoys my company, as much as I enjoy hers.