Don’t Tell John Connor, But We Found the Terminator’s Endoskeleton Arm

Come to think of it, you might not want to tell Cyberdyne, either.

Perhaps the hand that brought Skynet into the world is better suited for display in your personal collection. This Endoarm replica, based on the Terminator arm recovered in Terminator 2, is no ordinary replica, either. It’s a 1:1 scale model that measures 24” tall, and was built from a mold of one of the original props used in the movie. The replica itself is made of polystone, fiberglass, and metal, with a triple coating of chrome. It also comes in a protective display case. Hopefully that case is secure enough, or Judgment Day is going to be on your hands.

Technology never comes cheap, so it stands to reason that future tech is going to be even harder on the wallet. Hollywood Collectibles Group is selling the Endoarm Replica for about $750 in a limited release – 500 individually numbered units. There are also payment plans of four, six, and eight installments, but maybe going on a payment plan for a Terminator arm in a glowing blue display case is not the best idea. After all, I can’t imagine a worse feeling for a sci-fi fan than the prospect of getting your Terminator arm repossessed. The Endoarm ships early next year.