$400 Chaval Response XRT Heated Gloves, Because Winter is Coming

I don’t know where you live, but if you’re thinking about buying these gloves, I hope you live really, really far north or really, really far south.

These Chaval Response XRT heated gloves are no joke, providing constant, even heat to your hands in the biting cold all day long. The insides of the gloves use thin polymer film to distribute heat, rather than wires, which should make for a more comfortable and safer pair of gloves.

They’re also very simple to use – just press the on button, and the gloves will maintain an even level of heat by themselves. The gloves contain nanotechnology that can read the temperature of your hands and fingers, constantly adjusting heat levels as your hands warm up. These gloves really need to deliver just right on that heat micromanagement, though, because there’s no mention of manual controls for adjusting heat levels. Charging is also easy – the gloves can be charged using the AC adapter pictured above, so you don’t need to worry about replaceable batteries.

But, again, I really hope you live far northwards or southwards, because these gloves aren’t cheap. Staving away frostbite in the Yukon will run you about $390, but you can enter a sweepstakes on the site to win one of three free pairs being given away in November, December, and January.

One Comment

  1. Chaval Heated Gloves are a total rip off. At $400 I would expect them to last longer than 8-10 days of use. One won’t turn off unless I disconnect the wires and the other one won’t work at all. I’ve contacted the company via email and telephone but have yet to receive any reply