iTrack Solo Lets You Record Your Guitar Shred On the iPad

The newest Apple-approved accessory looks to be the ultimate companion for iPad owners who play the electric guitar. If you fall within that very specific category, you’ll probably want to give iTrack Solo a look.

The iTrack Solo bridges the gap between iPad and guitar, recording audio cleanly and with high quality to the iPad, so that it can be further edited using programs and apps like Garage Band. The device has inputs for both a guitar and a microphone, if you’re really looking to get your act going. Lighted indicators will alert you if the audio coming from either source is too loud, to the point of distortion.

The iTrack Solo works with PCs and Macs, too. You can browse around the site for place to buy it, along with prices. If you’re into playing the guitar as more than just a hobby, it’s worth a look, especially because of its ease of use.