K-Mart and Sears Offer Ship-to-Home and Free Layaway for the Holidays

If you’re looking to get a head start on holiday shopping, you might be happy to know that Kmart and Sears stores are making layaway purchases more affordable and convenient in advance.

For designated stretches of time this fall, Kmart and Sears will waive all layaway service fees, along with providing buyers access to the layaway program online. In-store kiosks will also be available, hopefully ensuring that the dreaded layaway line will not be a part of your h0liday shopping experience this season. On top of that, after November 7th, both stores will offer ship-to-home services for items purchased via layaway.

If you want to take advantage of those waived fees, you’ll won’t want to procrastinate on your holiday shopping. Kmart is doing away with fees only up until November 17th. You’ll have more time at Sears – any layaway purchase started between September 29th and October 29th or between November 2nd and December 3rd will be service fee free.

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