Sound Like a Schmuck on Halloween with the Mega Stomp Panic

Ready for the biggest innovation to hit Halloween since fun size candy bars? Take a look at Mega Stomp Panic, which takes the costume past just being a visual art form.

Mega Stomp Panic is a small, palm-sized device that packs in a big audio presence. The device will be able to create and play audio effects every time you take a step. Turning the dials changes the effect – you can make it sound like you’re walking through a rainstorm or through an 8-bit world. If you go as a zombie or a robot this year, you’ll be well-provided for with appropriate sound effects after every step you take. You’ll even get different sound effects based on whether you take a step or take a huge stomp. It’s lightweight, comfortable to wear, and is bound to secure more than a few costume party victories this year.

Mega Stomp Panic was developed by GeekLabs, run by ThinkGeek, and is selling now for about $40. Better get on it quick, because Halloween is looming. The public will get its first earful at New York Comic Con, where the device will be on display and demonstrated through the 14th of October.