MOTO TC Monster Just Unleashed a Monster Truck Rally In Your Home

Not only that, but it’s continuing the current rally of remote controlled toys, in the midst of their reinvention as smartphone/tablet accessories.

The MOTO TC Monster is ready to rumble all over whatever impromptu monster truck track you can build in your home. All you’ll need is the truck, an iOS device, and an accompanying free control app. That app gives you a pretty impressive variety of ways to control the MOTO TC Monster. There are two methods of touch control – one with a virtual steering wheel, and another where you slide your finger across the screen to move the truck. Of course, there’s also accelerometer-supported control. You can also record routes and have the truck replay them, or use some of the preset routes, which feature monster truck classics like the figure eight.

Something tells me that this one could end up being a monster holiday gift this season for more than a few kids (from 8 to 80), so if you’re interested, you might want to grab one soon. You can get the MOTO TC Monster for about $60 off the Griffin website.