New York Comic Con Preview: Buffy Mobiles, Wrapped Chevy Sparks and More

New York Comic Con 2012 (AKA NYCC), doesn’t officially open its doors until tomorrow, but we got to hit the show floor today to get a glimpse of the madness that starts over there tomorrow. And while there weren’t nearly enough costumed fans walk the floor there yet as we would have liked, we did spot plenty of fun toys on the show floor. In particular, we’re quite taken with the special wrapped Chevrolet Sparks that are debuting at the show.

Chevrolet has partnered with Comic Con to produce 4 four specially wrapped Chevy Sparks. Each one of those Chevy Sparks have actually been designed by a different comic book publisher. While each one is very original and colorful, and we must admit that we’re especially smitten with the Buffy themed Spark that has been designed by Dark Horse comics artists. But not only can you go and check these cars out for yourself, Chevy will also be giving away one of these wrapped Sparks at the show! So anyone at the show can enter to win one. And if a comic-inspired Spark, isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a plain old colored one – if you win.

Finally, in addition to these already wrapped Sparks, Chevrolet is also going to have an artist working on designing a wrap on a Spark – right from the show floor. The design should be completed on sunday, just in time for the end of Comic Con.

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