Unlock Your Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Bank with Your iPhone

You knew that R2-D2 could be a projector, an all-around mechanic, and an invaluable pilot aid. Then, you found out he could be things like a keychain and a refrigerator. Everyone’s favorite droid now has one more use – a safe for your valuables.

The Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Money Bank can store your stuff with the help of an iPhone or an Android smartphone. The accompanying free code app allows you to program your own safe code. When you put your phone into the slot on the top of R2, the safe detects the presence of your phone, and the safe door pops open if you enter the correct code.

Of course, the droid safe is made mostly of plastic, so it’s safe to say the force isn’t necessarily strong with this one. Also, it requires three AAA batteries to function, so you might want to always have a few of those on hand, unless you want to not have access to whatever you have stored away for a while.

This iteration of R2 might not look like much, but for the 8-year-old with secrets to hide (doubtless, they have plenty), this R2-D2 safe might be their only hope. You can buy the Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Money Bank on Firebox for $48.