Stelle Audio Creates a Clutch That Doubles as a Speaker

Stelle Audio is doing their own rethinking of the portable speaker by designing something that is fashion accessory first, gadget second. The result is this portable wireless speaker, disguised as a clutch.

The Rebecca Minkoff Boombox Clutch is a clutch that, when opened, reveals a set of speakers. Those speakers can connect to mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection, with a range of up to 50 feet. When opened, the clutch’s speakers somewhat resemble those of a classic boombox, marrying high fashion to the roots of mobile audio technology. The clutch comes in many different styles, all designed in tandem with designer Rebecca Minkoff.

The clutch was debuted at New York Fashion Week last week, although the music playing capabilities weren’t showed off, and the speakers stayed hidden throughout the show. Still, that speaks volumes about the Rebecca Minkoff Boombox Clutch – it’s stylish enough to be featured as a high couture item in its own right, without needing the extra gadgetry. The clutch will be available later this fall, and will sell for $299 on upwards.