Superhero Photography Turns Models Into Superheroes

Every good cosplayer deserves an equally good photographer. Adam Jay is ready to provide the latter with Superhero Photography.

Ever since cosplay – dressing up as and adopting the persona of characters from any medium for conventions, or just because – came over from Japan, the quality of the costumes has been steadily increasing. Today, there are a lot of legitimately impressive cosplayers who put an awful lot of time into making sure that every detail is picture perfect.

Being picture perfect is important, because photography is just as much a part of cosplay as the costumes themselves. Famous poses are struck, and striking a pose always feels better when it’s done in front of a camera. That, and when people put this much effort into something, they tend to want to preserve the moment.

Jay’s new project, Superhero Photography, is an attempt by Jay to reach out to those cosplayers, offering to provide top-notch photography services. You bring the expertise that goes in the front of the camera, and he’ll bring the expertise that goes behind it. You can check out the Superhero Photography website, or check out Jay’s Facebook page to see more of his portfolio.

The photographer hopes that when he combines his powers with the talents of cosplayers around the globe, something truly superheroic will result.