Tavik Visionaries iPhone 5 Case Review

The Tavik Visionaries Time Case for iPhone 5 is like shutter shades for your iPhone (remember those?!). This stylish one-piece shell is 75% case and the other 25% are stripes revealing your iPhone. Tavik, an apparel brand, has teamed up with their parent company and accessory manufacturer, Incipio, to design a lineup of cases fit for the fab and fashionable.

The Tavik Visionaries Time case is most certainly a unique one. There are prison-uniform striped cutouts on the back and sides of the case, with exception of a plus-shaped Tavik logo cutout on the back. It’s very light and very sleek case with a matte soft finish.

All ports and buttons are easily accessible. Tavik has clearly mastered the art of cutouts. In terms of protection, the Tavik does a decent job at protecting iPhone from scratches, but it fails our fundamental protection test. The case just exceeds iPhone’s face, offering minimal protection to the screen, but it leaves all four front corners exposed! If iPhone’s corner were to take the brunt of a fall, the screen could easily be cracked.

The Tavik Visionaries Time is supposed to include a screen protector and microfiber cloth, however our review unit did not. The screen protector would definitely be a smart addition to iPhone as the Visionaries case offers minimal protection for the front of iPhone.

The Tavik Visionaries Time is available in a number of colors. We’re using the white case on our black iPhone, which is an interesting appearance. We’re kind of digging the contrast. It’s neat to see iPhone’s different finishes and also part of the Apple logo shimmering through the case. What we’re not fond of is how quickly the corners and sides have begun to blacken and wear. Though it’s not a big problem yet, the exposed iPhone slices are a prime spot for dust and dirt build up.

The Tavik Visionaries Time is definitely a fashionable and unique looking case with a snazzy design. It feels nice in-hand and does offer some protection. It’s one of the sleekest cases we’ve used, though we’d personally sacrifice a bit of sleekness for added protection. It’s currently available for $29.95.

The Good: Neat Design, Comfortable, Light, Sleek, Good Cutouts, Includes Screen Protector
The Bad: Wears/Discolors Quickly, Leaves iPhones Front Corners Exposed, Collects Dirt/Dust in Cutouts


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