Walking Dead Zombie Hunter – Fill Those Zombies Full of Lead Pixels [Review]

AMC’s The Walking Dead Zombie Hunter video game by Jakks Pacific Interactive TV Games has a hit on there hands! That is if you are the kind of gamer who likes to shoot dead zombies up! This easy to navigate game has Xbox quality graphics and minimal gore that bears a teen appropriate rating. It’s a must have for Walking Dead fans because you get to portray Glen from the hit TV show and play out the game story mode in three Acts.

Initial set-up

Upon opening (keep scissors near by to clip all those ties)  the box you find the gun and stock (back) of gun in two separate pieces and the receiver. Attached to the gun is the audio and video RCA wires that lets you see and hear the game on your television. The Walking Dead Zombie Hunter game is just another ‘Plug ‘N Play’ game from the Jakks Pacific brand that gives you console quality graphics sans the pricey console.

On the gun is your On and Off switch as well as an orange button that is your Menu option. The gun does require some assembly itself. The stock (back) of the gun is a one time snap in assembly. Batteries are also required for the gun (4AA’s) and the receiver (3 AAA’s) for the game to operate correctly. Batteries unfortunaltey are not included.  Also, a Phillips screw driver is needed for the battery case cover on both the gun and receiver; no snap in cover for this zombie set up!  Then, simply plug the RCA wires into the corresponding ports on your television.

After the gun is assembled, the receiver which also has a On and Off switch has to be placed or attached to the television for maximum usage. If the receiver is not registering the gun, then no red cross hairs will appear on the screen. Depending how your television is set up, you can place the receiver on the top or bottom of your television. I found it most useful attached to the top of my screen using double sided tape to hold it in place. When it was lower on my entertainment center, it didn’t seem to have a strong signal to the gun. Don’t forget to switch your television setting to the correct viewing screen. Once that is all calibrated, you are ready to shoot some Zombies !

Let’s Play !

When the game first loads, it will ask you to shoot at certain things to ready the gun for the game. Once that is complete the main screen comes up with the following options: Story Mode, Horde Mode, Free Play Mode, and Options.

Story Mode- This mode allows the player to go through three different acts or levels with a story line attached.

Horde Mode- This mode allows you to choose the place you want to kill your Walking Dead and they come at you in groups increasingly faster with every level of completion.

Free Play- This mode allows you to jump to any level of the story and play it again without playing the whole game all over.

Options- This mode offers Music-On/Off, Reload (ammo) Automatic/Manual, Credits, Sound, Calibration (Television settings), Reset Data (Reset Game) the way to exit this option is to press the Menu button on the gun.

When playing the game I found it easy to use and recommend that you play the story mode all the way through, this way the other options in the Horde and Free Play are available for you to choose. If you don’t play the story all the way through the options are locked until you play that level. I also suggest picking the option of automatic reload for your ammo, this way you are not constantly re-pumping the gun while you play. If you are the kind of gamer who wants that real feel of a gun then I urge you to choose manual reload, it does create a more intense play because of constant reloading of the gun, there is a higher chance of you being killed by the Walking Dead.


Overall, I found this game well developed and very addictive. While gameplay is not all that long, you will somehow be drawn back to it over and over.  Walking Dead Zombie Hunter is currently retailing for $44 at Which is certainly a drop cheaper compared to PS3 , Xbox or Wii games. What makes this special is the kitschy aspect of the gun and the simplicity, sans console, to have a grand ole’ zombie shooting good time without breaking the bank.

The Good: Addictive, simple enough for any one to enjoy, fans of the Walking Dead will love it, good quality plastic gun given the price.

The Bad: Lack of batteries and need for a screwdriver to unscrew the battery cover.