Somebody Call Indiana Jones, We’ve Found the Crystal Skull for $1100!

It’s a good thing the Swarovski N the Skull Docking Station can more than hold its own as an independent decoration, because it’s coming into the world as a very much dated piece of tech. It’s a docking station for the iPhone 4/4S, both of which are on the way to shuffling off their mortal coils. It’s a piece of tech that you’re probably going to use for maybe a year or a year and a half, tops, unless you go the Lightning adapter route.

But, the tech’s not important here. The eye candy is all that matters – specifically, shiny Jet Hematite crystal. The finish on the face is made from polished ruthenium, which I guess is like the hipster metal of precious metals. It’s going to be a challenge actually getting one, though. You practically would need Indiana Jones for the gauntlet that this thing throws down – there are only 199 of them, and they aren’t sold online – only in select boutiques. Well, that, and it costs $1,100.