Frustrate Your Dog with the Green Food Bowl

If Spot is looking a little too chunky for his own good, he might do well to eat his meals out of Green, a new kind of food dish for pets.

Green makes eating a challenge for pets, slowing down their pace of eating. The green plate has plastic valleys that simulate blades of grass. Pour the food in there, and it makes your pet expend a little more effort to get to the food nestled in between those valleys. For pets, especially dogs, that tend to gulp down food too quickly, Green promises to extend their meal time, keeping their digestive systems healthy and their weight down. They’ll also be able to take in less food at once, decreasing the chances of choking while eating too much.

Green is a simple idea, but it could help save and extend the lives of more than a few over-zealous dogs out there. Green is dishwasher safe, and also has an anti-skid bottom, so Spot won’t be shoving it all over the place in frustration (although, with enough force, he just might do that, anyway). Green can be had for about $40.

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