JBL OnBeat Speakers Sport Lightning Support for iPhone 5

JBL has just announced two early Lightning dock speakers for the new lineup of iOS products – the OnBeat Venue and the OnBeat Micro.

The larger OnBeat Venue features a Lightning dock and a design that can accomodate the iPhone 5 as well as the 4th generation iPad, iPad Mini, and the new iPod Touch. It provides an impressive 30 watts of amplification, and isn’t just limited to Lightning-equipped iOS devices – it’s also Bluetooth-enabled, making it a wireless speaker for any device in your possession. The Venue can connect to up to eight devices at once via Bluetooth, and can all be managed using the free MusicFlow app from JBL.

The OnBeat Micro is the more portable option, and doesn’t fit any of the new Lightning-equipped tablets. It also lacks Bluetooth, but it does have a USB port in the back that can be used to charge and play music from just about any mobile device, including older, 30-pin Apple devices. The Micro is meant to be a portable speaker, so battery life is fair at about five hours worth of playback. An AC adapter allows for charging of the speaker and any connected device.

The JBL OnBeat Venue is selling for about $200, while the smaller Micro is going for about $100.