Joy Factory SmartSuit Mini Case/Stand for iPad Mini Review

iPad Mini is here!! We have tons of cases to review, so why not start with a personal favorite? iPad mini is a thing of beauty, thin, light, gorgeous. It deserves protection while keeping the weight and size to “mini” status. The Joy Factory’s SmartSuit Mini delivers just that, a slim, protective, and very durable case that includes a sweet design, built-in stand, and magnetic smart cover.

The SmartSuit Mini is a protective shell for iPad mini, with a built-in smart cover, similar to Apple’s. The cover is tri-folding and magnetic; it automatically locks and unlocks iPad’s display perfectly every time. The rear shell is made of a durable plastic that adds little thickness and bulk. The shell has all the appropriate cutouts, perfectly sized. With the magnetic smart cover, there’s all-around protection.

As you can see from the images, this SmartSuit Mini is camouflaged in army green, a bold and ‘limited edition’ design. Don’t fret if it’s not your style, it’s available in other colors. The finish, however, is top notch. It’s made of a synthetic leather, which is apparent, but it’s super durable and resilient. It’s clear that it won’t be wearing or scuffing anytime soon. On the underside of the cover is a soft micro-fiber that keeps iPad’s screen safe.

The SmartSuit Mini for iPad mini has it all. Let’s be real, it’s called iPad mini for a reason, no sense in quadrupling its size for a little extra protection. While we couldn’t be happier, our only gripe is that the stand only works in viewing mode, not typing mode. Other that that we highly recommend it in any of the finishes: black, bronze, silver white, or army green. Joy Factory, strangely enough, even includes a foam chess board in the packaging. The Joy Factory SmartSuit Mini for iPad Mini retails for $49.99, but can be found on Amazon.com for closer to $40, which is definitely worth it. Amazon even shows a Denim Black model for $37.

The Good: Great Design, Slim, Light, Magnetic Smart Lock works perfectly, Good Cutouts, Built-in Stand
The Bad: No typing mode stand


  1. The fact that this case has auto sleep/wake function is a bonus, because most of the early release iPad Mini cases we have seen do not. The exterior here looks like it has a nice textured surface for easy grip. The chess board is a nice little extra – would be cool if they were somehow able to incorporate it into the case cover.

  2. I have the black iPad Mini and got this in bronze; it’s gorgeous. There is a typing-mode; flip it over from vertical-mode just as you would with Apple’s Smart Cover. It works perfectly!

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