Kensington Protective Cover & Stand for iPad Mini review

iPad Mini’s the new device in town and it needs a bit of extra protection and a stand. Kensington’s Protective Cover & Stand for iPad Mini delivers in a lightweight and usable portfolio-style case. The built-in stand is capable of propping iPad at an ideal watching angle or an ideal typing angle.

The Kensington Protective Cover & Stand is a one piece case–a shell with an attached cover. It’s light and minimalistic with a professional classy look to it. It’s basically as little as you need to offer iPad Mini all-around protection with a bit of added functionality. The hard plastic back shell is a perfect fit for the Mini. There’s appropriately sized cutouts for all of the buttons, ports, and back camera. The shell is glossy plastic, but the back of the case is covered in the same faux leather as the front cover. The faux leather looks authentic and feels nice in-hand. The underside of the cover is made of a soft velvet.

The front cover is tri-folding and functions as a stand. It can prop iPad Mini at an upright angle good for viewing and reading, or a lower angle ideal for typing. Both stand types are portrait orientation. While you may think the front cover mimics Apple’s Smart Cover, it doesn’t. The front cover is not magnetic, it does not turn iPads screen on or off, and there’s nothing but gravity keeping it sealed to iPads face.

For weight, size, appearance, protection, and usability, the Kensington Protective Cover & Stand for iPad Mini is a pretty solid choice. They could have put a little more thought into the name, but our only real gripe is that the cover isn’t magnetic, so there’s no way to seal it. As a dual-mode stand it works very well. For just under $30 on Amazon.com, it’s definitely worth it. It comes in black marble, brown marble, and coffee snake white.

The Good: Slim, Light, Classy Looking, Durable, Protective, Affordable, Dual-mode Stand, Good Cutouts
The Bad: No Magnetic Smart Cover, No way to Seal Cover

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