Mint Officially Joins the iRobot Family and Looks Exactly the Same

Back in September, iRobot purchased Evolution Robotics, and in so doing brought one of their major products, Mint, into the fold. Mint is now officially being sold as an iRobot product, and it looks no worse for the move. No better, either – it’s mostly unchanged, both in function and form.

The Mint, which is essentially a robotic swiffer, hums around the room much like a Roomba, but for hardwood floors. That means the Mint is encroaching a little on the territory of another iRobot product, Scooba, but not too much – Scooba is more like a motorized mop, while Mint offers dry cloth services. If you have certain hardwood floors that don’t play nice with water, the dry cleaning services of the Mint should be well received.

Otherwise, Mint could be your spot cleaner for quick jobs, while the Scooba can be called in to deal with the heavy duty jobs, like that area under the refrigerator that hasn’t been cleaned in two years. The newly christened iRobot Mint starts at $199 for the cheapest models, and goes up from there for bigger models.