Pyle Uses the iPhone 5 to Bring the Rotary Back From the Dead

This is nowhere near the first attempt at a rotary revival, but it might be the first to be compatible with the iPhone 5.

As with all other retro rotary phones coming out now, the Pyle Retro Home Telephone Collection doesn’t actually feature rotary phones. The rotary phone appearance is there, but all of the buttons are touch buttons, so you won’t get to have the cool spinning dial. You will indeed get the retro vibes, though, as the phones in the collection properly look like they’ve been ripped from the times of your grandparents and their parents, and are actually made from wood and copper.

It looks a bit like the featured phone is an iPhone dock for pre-iPhone 5 30-pin devices, but the limiting factor for compatibility here is actually the 3.5mm headphone jack. You can use the handset with landlines or your smartphone, and you can answer and end calls with the touch of one button on the rotary dial.

There are several different sizes and styles available in the Pyle Retro Home Telephone Collection. Prices range from $90 to $110.

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