Sharp’s Cocorobo Requires Your Smartphone to Vacuum

Roomba, eat your heart out. Sharp’s Cocorobo has a new feature that looks to put the old standby of robot vacuum cleaners to shame.

The new units of the Sharp Cocorobo vacuum line are smaller, and can be controlled remotely via Sharp’s app. What’s really intriguing about the Cocorobo is that the app allows you to create a detailed floor plan of your home, including the locations of pieces of furniture around the house. You can program routes based on those floor plans, or control Cocorobo directly using the app.

It offers a stark contrast from the Roomba, which still relies largely on random movements in order to vacuum every spot, which leaves open the possibility for missed spots, or at the very least is an inefficient method. The Cocorobo should use less power over the long run, and you’ll be able to make sure no spots are missed.

The Sharp Cocorobo will initially come out in Japan on December 13, and will cost £600, or roughly $900.

Via Gizmodo UK