Top 5 Cyber Monday Gadget Deals

Today’s the (much) kinder, (much) gentler cousin of Black Friday – Cyber Monday, where millions will either stay at home in their pajamas or slink off to the bathroom at work to do massive amounts of online shopping, taking advantage of deals that are just as good, if not better than those of Black Friday. Here’s five of the top deals available this year, but you’d better got cracking – these are only good until the end of today, and maybe earlier, if supplies run out.

$25 off $250 at Best Buy

We’ll get started with one that won’t run out on you – any purchase you make of $250 or more through Best Buy will net you $25 towards your next Best Buy purchase. If you make an order of $250 or more and choose in-store pick-up, you’ll receive a $25 savings code when you pick up your haul. That savings code can then be used the next time you make a Best Buy purchase – unfortunately, you can’t use it to shave a little off that $250+ bill you’ll be dealing with. You can use that savings code in-store or online.

Asus VivoBook Touchscreen Windows 8 Notebook for $499

Microsoft is hungry to get Windows 8 devices moving. Case in point is the Asus VivoBook on the Microsoft Store. The touchscreen notebook is neither convertible nor ultrabook, but it is a fine Windows 8 machine in its own right, and $500 is nothing to bat an eye at for a new computer. The deal is good until the end of the day, or while supplies last.

UPDATE: Apparently, a lot of people agreed. This deal has already shuffled off its mortal coil – all sold out. The Acer Iconia W510 is still floating around at about $400, which is a $100 discount, if you’re interested in that.

Get a Free $100 Amazon.com Credit with the Purchase of any Sonos PLAY:3 or PLAY:5

Here’s some more free (kind of) money – and a pretty good amount of it, at that. Today, if you purchase a Sonos Play:3 or Play:5, you’ll get a $100 credit on Amazon, which will no doubt be of assistance as you move through holiday shopping season. The wireless all-in-one sound systems are no slouches themselves, packing in high-quality audio and wireless streaming from mobile devices.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY + $5 Credit for $5

If you still somehow haven’t played 2009 BAFTA Game of the Year Batman: Arkham Asylum, and you’re even remotely interested in Batman, you have no excuse now – the game is pretty much sitting there for free. You can purchase a digital download of the PC version on Amazon now for $5. Thanks to a $5 credit that comes with any game purchased through Amazon’s Digital Games Store before December 31, that means you’re pretty much getting Arkham Asylum for free, unless you’re planning on never buying something on Amazon ever again, and something tells me that’s not going to be the case.

Samsung Galaxy S III for $25 (AT&T)

You can get the phone that just about became synonymous with Android smartphones this year for just $25 today, through Amazon. If you buy an AT&T Galaxy S III, you’ll get the awesomely discounted price, which is a pretty sweet deal for one of the premiere smartphones out on the market now. Quick, get one or gift one now, before that’s not true anymore. After all, tradeshow time is coming soon, and it will no doubt make the S III ancient history.