Cygnett FlexiGel iPad Mini Case Review

Maybe all iPad Mini needs is a bit of back protection, much like your iPhone. That’s what Cygnett delivers with the FlexiGel. It’s a minimalistic back shell with a very smooth finish that offers some nice protection and an enhanced grip.

The FlexiGel is pretty much what it sounds like, a flexible, jelly type case. It stretches over iPad Mini relatively easily and provides a perfectly snug fit. There’s perfectly sized cutouts for all sensors and ports and there’s button overlays for the volume and lock buttons. With the right fit, the button overlays work really nicely.

Unfortunately, the FlexiGel won’t work with Apple’s Smart Cover. But, on the bright side, it exceeds iPad’s face by a couple millimeters providing the screen some decent protection. This means you can set it down face first and it should be safe from scratches. It’s even impact resistant so it should protect iPad nicely from small drops.

FlexiGel feels good and looks good too, that’s why we’re big fans. In hand, it’s a really comfy way to hold and use iPad. It’s grippy but soft. The anti-scratch finish is also really sexy in the sky blue color. As long as you’re okay with no screen cover and no stand, then for $19.99 you can’t go wrong. The Cygnett FlexiGel Case for iPad Mini is currently available in blue and black from Cygnett.com.

The Good: Nice design, Comfortable to hold, Good button overlays, Grippy, Anti-scratch, Impact resistant, Raised edges
The Bad: Not available on Amazon yet, Doesn’t work with Apple SmartCover, No stand