M-Edge Incline 360 iPad Mini Case Review

For a while now, M-Edge has been producing fantastic iPad cases with some of the most creative stands. Their Incline 360 iPad Mini Case is the first iPad Mini case we’ve seen to pull off the landscape AND portrait standing mode. Plus it even works at multiple angles.

While we love M-Edge for it’s nice build quality and creative designs, this Incline 360 Case for iPad Mini was maybe released too soon. It’s stricken with a few fundamental problems should keep you from buying it. It’s a shame, too, because the built-in stands are awesome, as is the gorgeous finish with luxurious faux-leather exterior and patterned cloth interior.

The most obvious issue is that the camera hole isn’t big enough! C’mon. That should be the first test in quality control. The case is a lot thicker than other cases we’ve reviewed, which isn’t a huge deal as it’s a little more protective. The front cover doesn’t have a magnetic auto-lock, but even worse, it doesn’t have a good seal to keep it shut. There are corner straps binding iPhone in the case, these corner straps can be used to keep the cover shut too, but it feels unnatural. Speaking of unnatural, that’s how the Incline 360 feels in-hand. Because of all the layers, it’s tricky to find the right grip.

M-Edge generally has solid products, and the Incline 360 iPad Mini Case has so much potential with its sweet appearance, material, and multi-angle, landscape and portrait, stands. For $44.99, we definitely recommend you steer clear. If they come out with a version 2.0 it could easily go from poor to amazing. We found M-Edge’s Profile Case for iPad Mini to be substantially better.

The Good: Lots of standing options (Portrait and Landscape), nice materials, protective, easy to insert/remove iPad Mini.

The Bad: Camera hole too small, thicker and heavier than most, cover doesn’t seal, no auto-lock, awkward to hold, buttons are tricky to access, and too expensive.

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