LED Skirt and Tube Top: Fashion Statement? or Walking Disco Ball?

Need something to help you stand out in the club? LED light-up skirts and tube tops, coming at you from China. Prepare yourself.

Chinavasion is offering the two pieces separately, but both have the same features – 16 colors of LED lights, in shades of red, green, and blue or white. The lights are remote controlled, and both remotes tuck into compartments in the garments themselves. The remotes don’t look huge, but might have enough bulk to make things a little uncomfortable.

The colors can be put into graded, static, strobe, or flashing modes, and both battery packs last up to eight hours, so the lights won’t go out until the party’s over.

The “Senorita” LED Mini Skirt is selling from Chinavasion for about $160. The “Maria” LED Boob Tube (I always thought it was called a tube top or something, but hey, a rose by any other name, right?) is selling separately for $170. And if you cant bring yourself to buy both, you can always mix and match the mini skirt with the more affordable Wine Rack Bra




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