50 Foot Mechanical Snake Slithers Around CES 2013

A fifty foot mechanical snake is not your every day gadget, and the clanking Titanoboa snake makes a big first impression. For those not up to date with ancient myths, the name Titanoboa was awarded to an ancient snake of yore, who lived 60 million years ago. Titanoboa grew to fifty feet as temperatures were 6-8 degrees warmer, which allowed the snake to get to full size. Today, at a time when the earth is depleting fossil fuels, the spirit of the snake had re-emerged to provide a warning…

OK, the snake has really emerged due to the creative team at the eatART collective who designed it to create discussion on climate change.. and show off their skills with mechanics. Lenovo supported the eatART team in showcasing their snake at CES, and it was made with coding on Lenovo computers and multiple Arduino controllers.

The eatART team

The snake has 30 high strength aluminium vertebrae and multiple arduino controllers. To make the snake move involves many hours of practice  as it weaves sinuously about, coils clicking and clanking, and mimics the moving action of a real snake.

The team plan to take the Titanoboa on tour and you might see it at festivals this year – it has previously made appearances at Burning Man!

Read more about the Titanoboa project here

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