Vote For Who Wins in the Great Coke Chase Super Bowl Commercial

Those tuning in to Super Bowl XLVII next Sunday won’t be hurting for entertainment – it’s not every day you see two siblings reach the pinnacle of their sport, let alone get the chance to square off against one another. Even if the ultimate sibling rivalry isn’t enough for you, keep in mind that you could see a repeat of something like this. You can’t turn that down. Who knows, you might even see good football, too.

But, while coaches John and Jim Harbaugh lead their respective Ravens and 49ers on the field, there will be the expected helping of off-field entertainment – the halftime show, the pregame show, the pre-pregame show and, what else? Right. The commercials.

Those are going to be there, again, and they are more expensive than ever, with CBS charging $4,000,000 a pop. How are companies planning on getting their money’s worth this year? In large part, by leaving the work to us by hitting the social media angle as hard as they can.

Doritos is probably the most well-known example of this. The chip brand is once again running a contest featuring fan-made commercials, with the leading vote-getter to be aired during the Super Bowl. That’s great for Doritos – $4,000,000 per ad is probably a little more palatable when you don’t have to shell out any money to make the thing. That said, I don’t know if anything can help the Doritos brand more than the magical Dortios Locos Tacos at Taco Bell have.

Others are limiting fan input a little more. Audi will air a commercial on YouTube on Thursday night, along with three different endings. The most popular ending will be aired on Super Bowl Sunday, although it’s hard to tell how much excitement there’s going to be considering that whichever ending wins, there won’t be much of a surprise in store. Coca-Cola is doing something similar with the Coke Chase, orchestrating some Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-type race through the desert for a giant bottle of Coke between cowboys, a bus full of showgirls, and a group of malcontents that look like they should be led by a giant, scantily clad man in a hockey mask, and doomed to face the Road Warrior. Those interested can hit Facebook and Twitter to support their favorite team, and sabotage the others. Me, I’m pulling for the fellow with the camels that everyone seemed to forget about past the :23 mark of the promotional video. Have to go for the underdog during the Super Bowl, right?

Via NBC New York