In Case You Missed It! CES 2013 Highlights

CEA says that CES 2013 was the biggest ever year for the show in its 45+ year history. The show floor actually had 1.92 million net square feet of exhibit space and more than 3,250 exhibitors showing off an estimated 20,000 products. To top off all these numbers, there were more than 150,000 attendees, coming from over 170 countries.

But enough with the numbers, lets get to the stars of CES – the gadgets. So in case you missed it, here are the highlights of CES.


There were several significant smartphone announcements at CES this year – Sony  announced the waterproof Xperia Z, Samsung announced a new Windows Phone, and Huwaei announced the world’s biggest smartphone. Intel also announced an affordable smartphone for emerging markets.

But truth be told – smartphones were not the focus of the show. Instead, connected devices, which can be controlled by your smartphone, were really the devices that stole the limelight. To that effect, we saw everything from connected fridges to plant sensors that can communicate with you over wi-fi.

Smart Watches

This is one trend we didn’t see coming. But it seems like the show floor was flooded with smart watches from the likes of CooKoo, MetaWatch, Basis, Pebble, and Martian Watches.


Last year CES was a bevy of celebrities pimping out their new headphones. And this year was no different. Snooki returned, showing off yet another pair of headphones from her collaboration with iHip. Her cast-mate Pauly D even got in on the action with a partnership with Soul. But it wasn’t just B-list celebs unveiling new headphones, we saw all sorts of other unique headphone collaborations too – including a partnership with EA and Monster Products to produce MVP Carbon gaming headphones.

Chips and Computing

All three major chip makers had something big to announce at the show. That includes Qualcomm showing off their new smartphone chips, and AMD showing off their new chips inside Vizio’s Windows 8 tablets. Intel was also continued where they left off at IDF a few months ago. They showed off their futuristic next gen Ultrabook reference design and talked up their continuing efforts to bringing perceptual computing to future Ultrabooks. And speaking of futuristic designs, Lenovo also impressed the crowd with their 27″ Horizon Table PC, along with a slew of other new Windows 8 systems, including the business oriented ThinkPad Helix and the IdeaPad Yoga 11s – which is the world’s first mini Ultrabook.


As foretold, UltraHD arrived in heat at CES. with Samsung leading the pack. Samsung also had a spectacular curved OLED TV to show off. Now it’s time for broadcasters to catch up and make UltraHD content readily available.

Portable Gaming

Portable gaming saw a resurgence at CES. For starters, Nvidia announced their cloud-centric Project Shield game console. Meanwhile, other smaller companies like Unu announced their own creative gaming consoles too.

Health Gadgets

It seemed like everyone and their uncle was showing off some sort of wireless activity tracker or health related gadget at CES. From Fitbit’s Flex Activity Tracking Wristand to the MedFolio Wireless Pill Popper, and Foreo’s Luna Mini which cleans skin, these were just some of the unique health related gadgets to be found on the show floor. You can expect to see a lot more growth in this category in 2013.


Tablets had a pretty strong presence at CES. Dell unveiled their Latitutde 10 Essentials tablet geared towards enterprise users, while Vizio showed off some new AMD powered Windows 8 tablets, and Panasonic wowed us with a 4K tablet!

Bad Gadgets

One thing is for sure, the show floor was chock full of creative gadget wares, such as the clever Endliss Smartcase for iPhone. But along with the innovative, were plenty of duds. For the duds – check out our Worst gadgets of CES list.