Breo iNeck Massager Aims to Replace Your Masseuse

The Breo iNeck Neck Massager  attempts to address neck pain, with an easy to use machine. Looking a cross between something you’d find in a gym and something a Doctor might use, the iNeck Massager is surprisingly simple. Once you’ve turned it on, and adjusted the pressure via the dial, you use the two elasticated pulleys to adjust the place it sits on your neck, for optimum results.

The iNeck massager uses Shiatsu techniques and combines kneading, pressing and massaging to help de-stress any tension in the neck. The massage also provides more blood circulation to the neck area which helps alleviate stiffness.

It won’t actually improve your fitness all that much- unless you have the arm strength of Superman- but we like how involved it lets you be in your massage as moving it around is a definite bonus. The iNeck Massager will be available from Breo later this year. Price is TBD