Intel Booth Tour at CES 2013

Tree of Ultrabooks

Forget apples, Intel has a tree of Ultrabooks on display. Who wants to go Ultrabook picking?


Multi-Screen TV

Intel’s new Xfinity TV home video gateway devices provide home video on demand without set top boxes. These systems are able to stream TV to several devices on a home wi-fi network – including an Ultrabook, an all-in-one PC, an Intel-based tablet, a smartphone and a smart TV. The system is being powered by Intel’s Puma 6MG-based XG5 multi-screen video gateway. This sort of set up ultimately indicates that the days of a separate modem and cable box are drawing to an end. You can expect these devices to be available from Comcast later this year.

Natural Interaction – the future of Computing

Intel is busy showing off some examples of perceptual computing in action. One demo station has users playing Portal with gesture control.

Intel is also working with Personify to develop a totally new way to video conference with friends. Using 3D camera technology, a web cam can eliminate any background behind a person. The service allows you to share your desktop environment with people. Also, this way the video chatting experience takes up less space on your screen, leaving you more room to do other things while having a video conference call. It’s great for watching TV or movies with friends. The technology is similar in concept to green screening, but takes it to a whole new level.

WiDi Gets More Convenient

Intel’s wireless display technology is getting smaller. Specifically, the adapters are. You can now pick up a WiDi adapter the size of a USB stick! Intel is making WiDi a standard feature in their future smartphones and Ultrabooks, so an adapter is a great way to retro-fit a TV and other older devices that lack WiDi support.